Filament Select: Use HTML with CSS in Options

When building Filament forms, did you know you can add HTML code for the Select input? Imagine you have a select input with some colors, and you would like to show them.

First, the input itself must not be native and must allow HTML.

'zinc' => 'Tailwind',
'alpine' => 'Alpine',
'laravel' => '>Laravel',
'livewire' => 'Livewire',

You must ensure that the HTML is safe to render; otherwise, your application will be vulnerable to XSS attacks.

Now, for the options, we can write the HTML code.

use Filament\Support\Colors\Color;
'zinc' => '<span style="color: rgb('. Color::Sky[600] .')">Tailwind</span>',
'alpine' => '<span style="color: rgb('. Color::Lime[600] .')">Alpine</span>',
'laravel' => '<span style="color: rgb('. Color::Emerald[600] .')">Laravel</span>',
'livewire' => '<span style="color: rgb('. Color::Fuchsia[600] .')">Livewire</span>',

And we have options with text color.

If needed, you can use Tailwind classes, but if styles aren't applied, remember to create a custom theme.

If you want more Filament examples, you can find more real-life projects on our

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