Filament Table Null Value: formatStateUsing() Doesn't Work?

In Filament tables, some values could be null, but you may want to still show some placeholder instead? A typical formatStateUsing() method wouldn't work. Let me show two alternatives.

Usually, when formatting the state, you would use the formatStateUsing() method:

->formatStateUsing(fn (string $state): string => __("statuses.{$state}"))

But when the $state is null, the formatStateUsing() method is not executed. There are two ways to deal with this case.

Option 1: default()

The first way is to use the default() method on the column.

->default('No description'),

When using this method, Filament treats it as a state and also sets columns like image or color with the default values. This is different from the second alternative - placeholder.

Option 2: placeholder()

The second option is to add a placeholder.

->placeholder('No description'),

Placeholder has a lighter gray text color and isn't treated as a state.

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