LaraQuiz: how well do you know Laravel?

New mini-project from our Laravel Daily Team - let's test your Laravel knowledge with! Project was created to showcase our own QuickAdmin and mostly for a local Laravel Meetup, but hey - why not share with the world, right? [caption id="attachment_1266" align="alignnone" width="500"]Example question in LaraQuiz Example question in LaraQuiz[/caption] So, is a small website where you get a quiz of 10 random questions about Laravel and then get the result. Now, the most important part is that with every answer you get an explanation and a link to read more - that's the educational part of the project. [caption id="attachment_1270" align="alignnone" width="500"]Example explanation of the answer Example explanation of the answer[/caption] For now there are 70 questions in the database, every quiz is totally random so you might bump into the same questions. We might fill the database with more questions in the future depending on the free time we have. So feel free to register and test your knowledge of Laravel! Link once again: Notice: 90% of the code for the project was generated with our QuickAdmin adminpanel generator, so if you want to check it out - we've recently changed the plans structure and you can try it out absolutely free with 1 adminpanel and up to 5 CRUDs. Create your adminpanel here!

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