Laravel News Podcast - with first two episodes!

Great quick news for the Laravel community - today Eric L. Barnes, author of Laravel News website, announced Laravel News Podcast! So, from now we can have new information about Laravel in audio format. To be fair, it's not the first podcast about Laravel - we have "official" Laravel Podcast - well, it doesn't have any tag "official", but it cannot get more serious than participation of Taylor Otwell himself. So, the format of new Laravel News podcast is a little different - hosts Eric Barnes and Jack Fruh discuss news from the last week or two - new tutorials, articles, packages etc. It's really nice to have not only the fact that something has been launched, but also second opinion on the news. I've listened to the first two episodes - really good easy-to-listen conversations, not too long and straight to the point. Great addition to Laravel community sources of information! Link once again: Announcing the Laravel News Podcast

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