Laravel SaaS with Jetstream in 6 Steps: Detailed Guide

Some time ago I posted a tweet that went viral: it was my vision of how typical Laravel SaaS could be created, by just using the packages and tools from the community.

Jetstream SaaS tweet

In this article, I decided to expand and actually show you how it can be done. That tweet above is exactly the plan of what we'll cover below, in this very long step-by-step tutorial.

The example project is quite simple, with a few CRUDs to manage Tasks and their Categories. You can call it a simple to-do list with SaaS on top.

jetstream tasks page

But we will cover the fundamentals of how those tools work, so you can adopt any of them to your needs, by reading their documentation and experimenting.

So, let's start from scratch, from installing Jetstream starter kit?

Part 1/6. Install Laravel and Jetstream

This part is easy and standard.

1laravel new project
2cd project
3composer require laravel/jetstream
4php artisan jetstream:install livewire

And that's it, we have default Laravel Jetstream installed:

jetstream register page

If you plan to use Jetstreams teams functionality, install Jetstream using the --teams option.

Part 2/6. CRUDs: Category/Tasks

For this basic SaaS, we will create two CRUDs: Categories and Tasks. Categories will be managed by the admin...

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