Most important Laravel people to follow on Twitter

Twitter is probably the best way of getting quick updates on the news and get relevant links to newly published articles, and Laravel community is not an exception - so here's a list of who to follow. 1. Taylor Otwell Of course, the creator himself. Actually, he tweets a lot about new functions and things he's working on (not only Laravel, but also Lumen, Forge, Envoyer etc.) - so he's the best source to keep up-to-date with Laravel. 2. Jeffrey Way Founder and author of the famous and awesome Laracasts. Do you need any more reason to follow him? 3. Matt Stauffer Very active blogger on the topic of Laravel. If you haven't read any of his posts - seriously, get out of your cave. 4. Eric L. Barnes Author of famous blog and newsletter Laravel News - where I had an honor to be mentioned with Laravel Daily. 5. Dayle Rees Author of Laravel-related books Code Bright, "Code Happy", also written "PHPandas". 6. Freek Van der Herten Better known as the author of personal blog, he's an active Laravel community member and author. And, as a bonus - of couse, I'll mention Laravel-related projects and websites with their Twitter handles. So, not exactly "people", but you can follow them too: Anything or anyone I've missed? Who would you recommend to follow? Or maybe you want to add yourself? ;)

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