My new video show "Laravel Business"! Episode 01: Why Laravel?

I decided to start a new side project in form of a YouTube channel where I speak about business side of Laravel. As I'm transitioning from being a developer to being an owner of a small team/agency, I'm looking at the same Laravel world from different perspective now - analyze the tools for effective usage and more profit. So here's the first episode of Laravel Business. Any thoughts on the new idea of video show? Or the episode topic? Share in the comments. And yes, this video show won't have fancy intros, music, jingles, cats or any unnecessary stuff. The idea is just me talking to the camera, I'm a big believer in the content, so the less time I spend on editing - the more I can focus on actually delivering good content. If you have ideas or questions what should I talk about next - write in the comments or email to You can follow the new video show on its Youtube Channel, and also all new episodes (hope that they will be weekly) will appear here on the blog, and if you prefer Twitter - follow @DailyLaravel.

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