New Course: Laravel PHPUnit Testing for Beginners

I want to invite you to my new online-course for those who always wanted to start automated testing with PHPUnit, but "never had time". In this short 90-minutes course, I will give you practical examples and show you that it's really easy to get started with testing.

Here's the list of all lessons - click the picture to find out more:

The problem I see, especially for junior developers or freelancers - is that clients demand features quickly, and they don't have time/budget for automated testing. In their eyes, unit tests isn't another feature, so it's not that important.

So, what happens for developers - they never have proper projects to start with automated testing, and when they get the project with required tests, they can't handle it. My course is exactly for that group of you, guys.

This course was actually developed for my own team and for future junior developers who would potentially join. I tell them enough information to start testing, without overwhelming with 20+ hours of advanced things. So, just right amount to get started.

So, you want to start testing, too? Here's the link again:
Laravel: PHPUnit Testing for Beginners

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