PHPMap - make yourself visible on the map of developers!

There is a new interesting project on the market - a map of developers. Started as a Laramap by Florian Wartner, now it became a broader project, presenting to you! The idea is really simple - every developer can register and enter their full address which transforms them onto the map. Here's my spot based in Lithuania - in the top-right corner. php map In addition to that, there are two interesting things about the project. 1. It's open-sourced. You can view or contribute to the project on Github - I see already 4 contributors at the time of writing! 2. It's based on Laravel 5.3. Which is an interesting thing - recently released new framework version isn't highly adopted yet, so this is a perfect chance to view the code and see for yourself how it works. Also you can write articles there - not sure who would do that, since I wouldn't expect too much audience on the site, but you can if you want to. In Markdown - isn't that cool? Not much more to say about the project, except for thanking the author Florian again. Keep up the good work!

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