PhpStorm: easily create new Laravel project

Today I want to tell about another "trick" - or how to create a Laravel project without Command line or Terminal, directly from PhpStorm. Just go to File -> New Project and in the dialog specify project name and folder, and - most importantly - choose type Composer Project. 0923_laravel_phpstorm_01 Then you will see a new dialog, where you can basically choose any packages that you want Composer to download and install automatically. In this case we choose laravel/laravel (use auto-complete above), and then PhpStorm shows available versions on the bottom right, so we can specify which one we want. 0923_laravel_phpstorm_02 Important things here - you have to specify path to php.exe executable on your computer (at the bottom) and you can also specify where you have composer.phar installed (at the top) - alternatively, it can be downloaded automatically by PhpStorm. And, basically, that's it - then PhpStorm downloads all the packages that you listed, then takes care of their dependancies and performs all other necessary operations. See comments at the bottom. 0923_laravel_phpstorm_03 0923_laravel_phpstorm_04 0923_laravel_phpstorm_05 0923_laravel_phpstorm_06 And then - the final result: ta-daaaaa! 0923_laravel_phpstorm_07 So that's it, another "well hidden" feature of PhpStorm. Laravel is only one way of using Composer project - you can specify more required packages with Laravel, or use your own different package list as a starting point.

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