Quickly test email sending with... artisan tinker!

Artisan tinker is a wonderful command-line helper to run any simple code. I was often using it to test simple things like if there is any data in Eloquent model or something like that. But today I realised it's much more powerful. So when faced the task of testing if Mailgun is working for one of the clients - here's how it looked.
  • SSH into the server
  • Run php artisan tinker
  • Run Laravel code - Mail::send() with any simple view
This is how it looked in "real life". artisan tinker So the attempt failed - apparently I had unactivated account. After doing the activation, I ran the command again, and there we go. artisan tinker email And received an email to the inbox with a beautiful "Be right back" 503 template. artisan tinker email That's it, a quick tip - hopefully helpful!

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