Top 5 All-Time Must-Watch Videos from Laracon

I have been to three Laracon EU conferences in Amsterdam (will likely be there in 2019, too, see you there?), and it's a great vibe. And usually one or two talks per year just strike it with really high quality and relevant topics. I decided to search official playlists and bring you my favorite top 5 videos every Laravel developer must watch.

1.Things Laravel Made Me Believe - Jeffrey Way - Laracon EU 2015

This quite old talk is all-time most-watched Laracon video, which explains why Laravel became so popular.

2. Design Patterns with Laravel - Colin Decarlo - Laracon US 2018

Finally, finally someone made a presentation/video and properly explained in a human language, why we need those complex design patterns, and how some of them are used in Laravel.

3. Patterns that Pay Off - Matt Stauffer - Laracon US 2018

More about design patterns, anyone? This talk, however, is a little different - it's about structuring code in general, and I love how Matt talks about the goal to make code work first, and then grow to fancy patterns.

4. Cruddy by Design - Adam Wathan - Laracon US 2017

With this talk, Adam tries to explain his idea that "Everything is a CRUD" along with "We should have short controllers, even if we have hundreds of them". It's not the only way to structure the code, but the way he explains it is really marvelous.

Actually, you can search on YouTube for any video by Adam Wathan, they are all pretty spectacular, each in its own way.

5. Multi-Tenant Laravel - Tom Schlick - Laracon US 2017

I haven't seen anyone talking about multi-tenancy in such clear but deep manner. Tom talks about both single and multiple database approaches, pros and cons, tools, packages etc.

So, this is my personal list I recommend. Would you add anything?

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