10 Laravel packages everyone should know [SLIDES]

Today I want to share with you my own presentation made in my home city Vilnius (for those who don’t know – it’s a capital of Lithuania, Baltic States, here’s a map) where we organised a local Laravel community meetup.

I’ve hand-picked top 10 Laravel packages which you should at least know exist, even if they are not for you. Just a bunch of slides (Slideshare kinda messed up the styling a little) without too much comments, if you want to add some packages I haven’t mentioned – feel free to comment.

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    • Yes, Gluten, I guess I should have mentioned Laravel Collective as a whole movement. But I guess it should have a honor of separate talk.

      And Generators, yes, they kind of don’t make sense anymore, since 90% of their usefulness is now in core Laravel 5. Jeffrey doesn’t really need to support them anymore, probably.

      • I think intervention/image is the best solution if you have more specific needs than Stapler.

        Laravel Stapler extends Eloquent and your database schema for you. You pass the request into your Model the same as any other non-file request, and on saving, handles putting the original on disk, recording it in the database, and generating the thumbnails for you. You can then ask the model for the url to the size thumbnail you need.

        Doing this in Intervention/Image alone is much more onerous for the developer. I think both are important parts of the developer toolkit, but I’d start with Stapler until the app demands more.

  1. > jenssegers/agent

    I’m surprised people still do agent sniffing on the back end these days, what with media queries and responsive mobile-first design. Unless I’m missing something…?


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