Filament Custom Page Example with Repeater: Pick Game Winners

Filament is a great admin panel system, but it often confuses users how to create a custom non-CRUD page in Filament that wouldn't be a typical Resource? This tutorial will provide an example.

The Initial Task

In this tutorial, we will create a custom Filament page with just one form. We will use a Repeater field for selecting the winners for the game.

This tutorial has three Models:

  • Game
  • Player
  • User

This is what the DB schema looks like:

filament custom page DB schema

Our task is to build a custom page to pick the winner players for a particular game. So it's not a typical "Game Edit" page but something different.

It will be a Repeater with 10 dropdowns.

custom page result

Important: after selecting the player in one dropdown, it should automatically be removed from all the other dropdowns.

Setup Filament Resource

We will have only one Filament Resource for Games.


use App\Models\Game;
use Filament\Resources\Form;
use Filament\Resources\Table;
use Filament\Resources\Resource;
use Filament\Tables\Columns\TextColumn;
use Filament\Forms\Components\TextInput;
class GameResource extends Resource
protected static ?string $model = Game::class;
public static function form(Form $form): Form
return $form
public static function table(Table $table): Table
return $table
public static function getPages(): array
return [
'index' => Pages\ListGames::route('/'),
'create' => Pages\CreateGame::route('/create'),
'edit' => Pages\EditGame::route('/{record}/edit'),

Step 1. Empty Custom Page with a Link

So first, we need to create...

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