Build Laravel API for Car Parking App: Step-By-Step

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About this course

These days, Laravel is widely used for API projects, every developer needs to know how to create this type of project, with no visual layer, for usage by a front-end client or a mobile app.

In this text-form course, we will create a real-life API for a car parking application.

Step by step, we will cover:

  • DB structure
  • User registration and login
  • Profile and password management
  • Non-public endpoints Auth protection by Laravel Sanctum
  • Managing vehicles and parking start/stop events

Laravel API Postman

In addition to creating these features, we will write automated PHPUnit tests and generate the documentation for our API.

Laravel API Postman

In other words, I will do everything as I would create an absolutely real project for a client, all with details, screenshots, and a code repository available on GitHub.

So, let's create the Laravel API!