Filament Adminpanel for API Project

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About this course

Quite recently we released a course on creating Laravel API similar to Now, what if we need to manage its data with the admin panel? Filament to the rescue!

In this follow-up course, we will create a simple admin panel for existing API and database, to manage objects like:

  • User
  • Country / City / Geoobject
  • Apartment Type / Bed Type / Room Type
  • Facility / Facility Category
  • Property / Apartment / Room / Bed
  • Booking

This course is a follow-up to a previous course, but you don't need to go through that one: imagine you have any database, and this course will show you how to add Filament to manage its objects.

This will be an example of how easy it is to add Filament to the existing Laravel database: just configure a few things, and Filament will generate all the tables, forms, filters, and more.

A few screenshots from the course:

As usual, a link to the repository will be available at the end of the course.