Create Controller and Model in one Artisan Command

Laravel is full of little tricks, and quick ways to generate code with Artisan. One of the recent ones I’ve found is when you’re creating a CRUD record and need to create Model + Controller. You don’t need two separate commands for that.

How I was doing it until now:

php artisan make:model Customer
php artisan make:controller CustomersController --resource

Apparently, there’s a quicker way:

php artisan make:controller CustomersController --model=Customer

And that’s it. Laravel will actually ask you if you want to generate the model:
laravel controller model artisan
That’s it, quick tip to perform quick operation!

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  1. On new models I start with:

    php artisan make:model Modelname -crm

    -crm = Create a controller as ressource and the migration file

  2. Hello, i just installed laraevl-admin , everything was good , when i create controller using this command..

    php artisan admin:make BillInfoController –model=app\Models\BillInfo
    php artisan admin:make BillInfoController –model=app\Models\BillInfo

    show error … model does not exists
    what is the solution ?



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