Laravel Filament Admin: Practical Course


This is a game changer! Thanks for the course!

Your new website is realy nice!

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What can be the best way to integrate the admin panel using filament or any premium admin panel purchased from code canyon with a data table?


Every admin panel purchased from conde canyon has its own documentation, I can't answer that in a comment here, there's no "best way" for "any premium admin panel", they are all different.

In this course, I'm explaining the filament integration, which has data table as a part of it.

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Povilas i'm just starting this course, my question is are there any downside to using a new adminpanel like Filament compared to using something like AdminLTE?


They serve different purposes. AdminLTE is just a VISUAL theme, HTML/CSS. Filament is a full-featured functionality adminpanel, with back-end.

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