10 Tools to Deploy Laravel Projects to Server

Tutorial last revisioned on July 15, 2024

Every Laravel application needs to be deployed to a server. Here I will show you 10 tools that can help you to automate it in various ways.

Laravel Forge

Website: forge.laravel.com

It's an official Laravel product. Laravel Forge is a server management and application deployment service.

After enabling Quick Deploy feature, when you push to your configured quick deploy branch, Forge will pull your latest code from source control and run your application's configured deployment script.

laravel forge

Price at the time of writing (July 2024): from 12$ per month.


Website: envoyer.io

Envoyer is another Laravel official product made only to deploy your code with Zero Downtime.

After creating a project and adding a server you just need to press Deploy and your project will be deployed. How to set up and use more features of Envoyer you can watch the free course at Laracasts.

laravel envoyer

Price at the time of writing: from 10$ per month.


Website: deployer.org.

Deployer is an open-source PHP deployment tool. It can provision your server and deploy with zero downtime.

To use Deployer, you need to install it in your project and initialize it:

composer require --dev deployer/deployer
vendor/bin/dep init

Next, to deploy you need to set up a Recipe. Deployer has one made for Laravel. How to use these recipes and use other features of Deployer check official documentation.



Website: ploi.io

Ploi is a server management and application deployment service, which also has a feature to deploy with zero downtime.

After creating a server and adding a site to it, you can deploy site with only one click button.


Price starts from 0$ per month.


Website: mezohub.com

MezoHub is also an All-In-One Solution for Deployment & Server Management.

As with other tools, here you need to create a project and just press the Deploy button.


Price at the time of writing (July 2024): from 9$ per month.


Website: launchdeck.io

Launchdeck is a tool to deploy code from Git to your server a fast and easy way.

To deploy your Laravel application using launchdeck, first, you need to configure your server, then setup the project with the build commands and all configuration, and just press the Publish button to deploy.


Price starts from 0$ per month.

GitHub Actions

The most popular usage for GitHub Actions is to run tests on Pull Requests. But you can also use it to deploy code. You can find the working example in this tutorial: Automate your Laravel app deployment with Github Actions

Price starts from 0$ per month.


Website: coolify.io

An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify / Vercel alternative.

Coolify can be self-hosted or used as a cloud version. Both versions have the same features.

Price starts from 0$ per month.


Website: vitodeploy.com

VitoDeploy, or for short, Vito, is a self-hosted web application that helps you manage your servers and deploy your PHP applications to production servers without hassle.

Vito can handle your PHP application deployments, from server provision to automated deployments, backups, etc.


Website: loupp.io

Loupp is your ultimate tool for streamlining the deployment of Laravel, Symfony, or PHP applications. With Loupp, you can say goodbye to the headaches of manual deployment processes.

Price starts from 0$ per month.

Loganathan Natarajan

Thanks for sharing and useful.


do you have preferred option in regards to the free solutions?

👍 1

I don't prefer free solutions, I prefer the most reliable and convenient ones and focus on how can I earn money from projects to afford those tools.


good point 😊

Habibullah Mohammadi

Where to freely host a laravel project for testing or giving demo for clients?


I asked this question on Twitter, read the replies here

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