Multi-Language Laravel: All You Need to Know

  • 18 lessons
  • 15849 words

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About this course

Localizing your application means adapting it to different languages or regions, which can be difficult. Dealing with translating the text, routes, and content while keeping your code organized and easy to manage. Additionally, the need to make quick text changes can be overwhelming.

In each lesson, we will try to explain how to localize each area individually and display tools available for the job.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to translate your application text
  • How to translate your form validation messages
  • How to translate your models
  • How to convert the Date and Time to the user's locale
  • How to convert Currency to the user's locale
  • How to translate your application routes
  • How to edit translations in the browser or in Google Sheets
  • How to translate your content to multiple languages

And many other tips and tricks that could make your life easier!

Our Starter Kit for All Lessons

In the upcoming course lessons - you will see us using the same base started kit:

  • Laravel 10
  • Laravel Breeze with Blade UI Kit

Any other specific tooling will be mentioned in the lesson.

Demo projects from the lessons will be available as GitHub repository.