Black Friday 2022 on Laravel Daily

As everyone is doing Black Friday deals, we also have an offer for you. In fact, a "get-3-for-1" offer.

Laravel Daily Black Friday 2022

From today, until November 27, you can purchase the Yearly Membership with 50% off the first year. Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY2022.

What you get as a Premium Member

At the moment of writing this article, we offer:

Not only that, we will add a few extra things on top. Every new yearly member will receive an email next week, containing two discount codes:

  • 100% OFF (yes, free!) my Livewire Kit set of components (regular price $39)
  • 50% OFF our QuickAdminPanel code generator (regular price $99/year)

By the way, a Job Board

During this Black Friday week, we've launched a new feature for Premium Members. See "Jobs" in the main menu?

Laravel Daily Jobs

Now you can list your profile to find a Laravel job, or create a job offer to find Laravel developers.

Laravel Daily Job Profiles

As I recently realized, my mission is actually to help people earn money with coding, so decided to add this mini-job-board to Laravel Daily, to achieve exactly that.

So, why don't you take the opportunity for the 50% discount, and sign up?

See you inside the courses and premium articles :)


Can I upgrade extra for one year in this price? My subscription is on going but I don't think discount remains the same in the future.

😍 3

To be honest, I've been thinking about it myself and haven't found in the Laravel Spark or Paddle docs how to "extend" the subscription, assigning a coupon code.

Maybe you can do something with unsubscribing and then subscribing with the coupon? Maybe read here:

I would gladly enable it, but I just don't see how.


I can do that, however, when does my subscription expire? Do I get 308 days + 365 days of subscription. I found docs confusing!


That's exactly my point: I don't have the answer, I don't understand the docs myself, unfortunately.


Did you guys find a solution? I also already have a 1 year subscription, but I'd love to buy another 1 year on promotion.


No, unfortunately, I haven't found the way to do it in Paddle. The only thing I CAN do is make a partial refund if someone buys with 100% price.


Hello Povilas, will have some black friday discount for the "Practical Roles and Permissions in Laravel" course? Hello from Brazil! :D

🥳 1

That course is actually quite outdated, that's why I didn't bring it here from Teachable. So at this point I wouldn't recommend it.


Do you have any new course that replaces it?


I remembered actually I have a free video with summary:


Yes, I've watched in this video and loved it! But is because I was intersted in the proper use of the Spatie library and the permission to specified entries in the database as companies. Because I only work in laravel as API, my company don't uses blade/frontend part of laravel.


Email me and give more details about the task, I may shoot a separate video on that, if I see it would be helpful for others, too.


Hi Povilas This is an awesome offer & finally I joined! Thanks for your work and sharing your amazing knowledge! Best regards from Austria, David

👍 3

Thanks for the kind words, David!


Thank you for the amazing deal. I actually came to check if you were doing a black friday special, now I'm in. You have a wonderful teaching style and I've long enjoyed your youtube and twitter content, definetely looking forward to these courses. Blessings to you and yours.


Hi Povilas, now I have monthly membership. I want switch on yearly membership with BLACK FRIDAY action. But I do not seen any input for insert coupon. Please help, or fix it. Thanks a lot


Unfortunately, coupons can be used only when creating the membership, not switching it, that's how Paddle works from what I understand.


I created a new account and bought yearly membership with BLACK FRIDAY coupon.


Hi Povilas Received my Laravel Daily Gift: Post-Black-Friday Coupons but can't ckeckout for the livewire kit. After applying the coupon Paypal does nothing and Stripe returns a server error. Is the coupon still valid? Thanks


I waiting too :/


Email me and I will email you the instructions.

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