MailTrap - send testing email without actually sending it

After all those recent Mandrill news the whole web-dev community was shaken up and started looking for alternatives for transactional emails. And actually, there is a whole another way of thinking about it: do we always actually need to send the email? As developers, we often send the emails with testing purpose. Like registration confirmation, password reminder, some event occured etc. And we are testing the information being sent, not the email itself. So there is a service which "fakes" the email sending without actually sending it. Presenting to you - Mailtrap. On the surface, it works exactly as any email provider - you put SMTP details in your Laravel configuration, they even provide a helpful code for this: 0411_laraveldaily_mailtrap But what actually happens behind the scene is the information comes to Mailtrap server and stays there, so no actual email is sent. And you have a virtual "Mailtrap Inbox" which you can access on their page. So in the end - you can "check email" and you can click the links there or check if the information is correct. But without sending the email. The service is free for individual use with some limitations, but if you want to use it within your team for more than 1 person - it's 9.99 or 24.99 USD per month. Check it out here: Have you "faked" emails like that? What do you think about such a service?

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