PyroCMS 3: another (new!) Laravel-based system

The name PyroCMS is not new on the market - it was actually created as a CodeIgniter-based system and became quite popular. And recently the shift was made - the whole system was re-created into Laravel framework. So what do we have with a new PyroCMS 3? To be honest, I've already made a review of the most popular Laravel-based CMSs, but at that point PyroCMS wasn't stable, so need to get back to this now, and now I am able to do a mini-review. So, how do we install PyroCMS? Similar to Laravel, actually. With a composer command. pyrocms install While downloading the dependencies, I've noticed there are quite a lot of them - the whole installation took quite a while: pyrocms install dependencies But, as a result - we visit a homepage of our website, and we see an installer, similar to systems like WordPress. So we don't have to configure our .env file manually, it's been done for us. pyrocms installer Then - visual installer is doing its magic (again took quite a long time). pyrocms install progress Aaaaaand... we're ready: pyrocms ready Then we can visit our homepage and see a "Welcome" default text. pyrocms welcome And after logging in to the admin panel, we can create new pages - similar to how other CMSs work: pyrocms new page There are some interesting decisions here in the page settings - to be honest, overwhelming amount of fields there - for example, you can choose a layout theme for that particular page: pyrocms choose layout Finally, in terms of structure - the PyroCMS project looks really similar to Laravel folder structure, see here: pyrocms folder structure And there is a specific addons folder where you can extend the system according to the documentation (which is, by the way, still in progress).

Instead of conclusion

So, after trying to install PyroCMS and play around a little, I can say that it's now a stable and powerful player on the CMS market. In general, I'm pretty skeptical about CMSs on top of frameworks, you should choose one of those two (otherwise you need to support both), but if you want such an option - I totally recommend PyroCMS.

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