Eloquent: how to make a copy of a row

Today I want to tell you about one "hidden" Laravel feature which is in the system but not in documentation - replicate. This function allows you to make a copy of a row in the fastest way possible. To start with, we are going to have a table:
Schema::create('tasks', function (Blueprint $table) {
And a model:
class Tasks extends Model
    use SoftDeletes;
    protected $table = 'tasks';
    protected $fillable = ['task', 'description'];
In the database we have a task which looks like this: ReplicateDatabaseSingle And then we run the following code to duplicate a single row:
$tasks = Tasks::find(1);
$newTask = $tasks->replicate();
We should see that our database row was replicated with new id and updated timestamps: ReplicateDatabaseMulti And that's it! With a few lines of code you can replicate a lot of data. This method works with loops too, so you can use this method to duplicate all of our entries.

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