Survey Results: Top Server Tools Used by Laravel Community

A few days ago I started a survey about the tools that Laravel people use. I've spread the word on Twitter, and asked some people via Direct Messages, so got 52 responses. Here are the answers to 5 questions I asked.

1. What do you use/prefer: DigitalOcean / AWS / Linode or something else? Why?

laravel tools digital ocean aws linode Now, here are some reasons. Why Digital Ocean: - support and 1 click installs - price is good for more than useful quality - Easy to use and Forge adopted it early - simplicity and excellent guides and tutorials - for their community efforts. - Good documentation. Works with Forge. Cheap. - cost and ease of use - Very good console and easy to get started. Good pricing too. - Seems much easier, cheap and suitable, especially compared with AWS - for integration with forge - nicely integrated with Forge when I'm doing a Laravel project - reliable and widely used so stuck with it - good customer service, thorough tutorials and quick to get up and running - service, support and scalability - hard to beat the tight integration with DigitalOcean and Forge for quick provisioning. Why AWS: - a lot of services that are interlinked. - best range of products - love the wide variety of services AWS provides. - I use AWS when I'm doing a non-Laravel website. Why Linode: - dropped their prices recently, so looking forward to test them. - Cheaper plans than DigitalOcean Best answer:
I really want to support Digital Ocean's company culture and community engagement. How often do you google how to do something on a server and end up on a DO article ?.... almost every single time. TJ Miller (follow him on Twitter)

2. What do you use/prefer: GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab or something else? Why?

github bitbucket gitlab Notice: a lot of respondents use more than one. Usually GitHub for open source, Bitbucket/Gitlab for private. Why GitHub: - Issue / PR tracker is great. - It's so damn simple - I've used bitbucket for work and dislike many actions on their UI - Cause of its smooth UI, interoperability with open source projects - I like its simple layout. Bitbucket is too complex in my opinion. Why Bitbucket - Free private repositories (mentioned by 5 people) - JIRA integration Why Gitlab - Great tool, full control, Builtin CI - Integrated CI / pipelines; Focused on building what developers are asking for; Culture and engagement Best answer
GitHub. Issue / PR tracker is great. It kinda makes sense to use the same system for our client work that we already use for our open source work. Freek Van der Herten

3. Do you use Laravel Forge or something similar to manage servers?

laravel forge ansible Best answer:
Forge, love it. We have all our stage environment projects on here and its so easy to scale and edit your projects. In a second we've got our projects up and running. For our production environment we use Jenkins. Jasper Staats

4. Do you use Envoyer, Capistrano or something else for zero-time deployment?

envoy envoyer deployer capistrano Best answer:
We've remade a basic version of Envoyer using Envoy :-) Freek Van der Herten

5. Continuous integration: Travis CI / Circle CI / CodeShip / Bitbucket Pipelines etc?

travis ci - circle ci - bitbucket
That's it. What is your opinion? Any question/answer stands out? Of course, you cannot make big judgments from 52 responses, but still it was useful to hear opinions and get to know the alternatives. Thank you all guys for participating!

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