What do you use as Adminpanel? [Survey Results + QuickAdmin Teaser]

Last week I've conducted a survey, asking you guys what adminpanel solution you're using for your projects. Time to look at the results, make some conclusions and... present to you first draft of upcoming new QuickAdmin. First thing first - survey results. It has actually only one mandatory question - see your answers here below: Laravel adminpanel 01 Yes, 100 people actually took part in the survey. In fact, there were more of them, but I had to stop at 100, because that's, apparently, maximum for SurveyMonkey free plan. But I think it's enough data for some rough conclusions. So, what do we see here and what are the takeaways?
  • Almost half of you create adminpanels from scratch for every new project. Guys, seriously?!
  • Another quarter are copy-pasting the old projects code to a new one. A little more effective.
  • I'm surprised how few people actually use external packages for that - there are quite a few on the market.
Speaking of external packages, here are the comments from "Other" option - will quote them "as is": Ok, so a few more tools mentioned - and some of the answers can be moved from "Other" to "External package" option. Quite surprised to see October CMS here, but I guess people actually work with content-based projects on Laravel (I would question why not WordPress then).

Additional comments from respondents

I kinda lied about only one question - there was an additional optional one, just as a free-form field with a question: "Any additional comments on the admin area building process? What package/service/tool would make this process easier?" Let's see what we've got here - 22 out of 100 actually responded, quite a lot! Will mention some of them here:
  • I am new to Laravel but was wondering if we have that admin package with proper ACL (at least couple of roles and users with resources that they can access). It would obviously be nice if routing is managed too.
  • Most of my projects have a base admin area (login, registration, password recovery, invitation, profile, etc) and, from this I build new menu items accordingly to the project. Laravel really makes it easy to build CRUD like admin panels and, as of now, I didn't feel the need for something external
  • Now I have been using QuickAdmin. I use it in various ways depending on the project. 1) as a full admin 2) as a quick setup tool, after which I start to modify it personally 3) as a proof of concept, to show client in a day or two what it might look like, the data relationships that will exist, reporting that can be done, then custom build it to their needs After building and moving several projects, I finally realized its actually easier than I originally thought to move. I manually copy those parts, but, if there was an "export seed" link, to export changes to roles, menus and menu_role it would let yu move site easily... especially since quickadmin:install runs all migrations needed I tried also the infyom package. It was nice. But, I came back to yours rather quickly. I do however like they also have option of creating the API code automatically, since so many apps are api based these days too. But, then again, in my latest quickadmin app, I built it using your tools, and the API was not time consuming at all, because everything I needed was there already.
  • sleepingowl admin
  • I would love a tool that would allow for generation of a project in a saas environment. Let it do all the repetitive work and let me do just the customizing.
  • I use adminlte for the styles/layout and vuejs for the JS.
  • What I usually dont like about admin packages is that they're usually bloated with Js. I may pay for a very simple admin panel with basic features.
  • Laravelhackathon package is pretty great for quickly getting started. I use that plus my own set of views for a pretty slick admin every single project
  • A stand alone package with roles and permissions would be enough. Something like backend WP or Drupal.
  • I use Smartadmin or Material admin from wrapbootstrap. Both allow me to hit the ground running with just a tad pjax to add.
  • I use the FrozenNode/Laravel-Administrator package; sadly it seems not maintained now. Another one, cruddy/cruddy exists, but (imho) is less user-oriented. I do not know if QuickAdmin can be used for my needs: I don't find the information in the documentation: can it automatically manage 'foreign key' fields? (one to many, many to many). Do you have more detailed documentation on this subject?
  • We have a loooot of data to show so we need something fast to load all this data. We use jquery datables loading the data paginated
  • scaffolding crud views from models or repository pattern
  • I've been looking into laravel admin panels recently because my pain points are usually teams and user roles / permissions. I'm excited about the development of QuickAdmin!
Ok, some more packages recommended and some opinions stated. Yes, by the way, I do agree about bloated themes - the same Metronic mentioned when unzipped is over 1 GB! And some of the reasons mentioned actually moved me towards creating my own simple package. The key here is "simple" - other packages I've checked have a lot of additional steps. Either have their own language/syntax, or have 15-20 steps to make it all work etc. So I thought - come on, it should be simpler. That's why presenting to you...

QuickAdmin 3.0 - SaaS version

After some discussions on this post and consulting a few experts, decided to move on with this project. A short recap - QuickAdmin 1.0 was our internal package within the team, QuickAdmin 2.0 was released as a Laravel package, and now it's time to make another move - towards a "service" version. It's actually still in progress, but today I want to show you a "teaser" of how it all works - please give your opinion on whether you would use such thing, and if you have any suggestions before the final release, which should be in upcoming weeks. Ok, so these are the thoughts after the survey, and an announcement of what's coming. Any additional thoughts on your end?

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