Be Careful: Laravel 5.8 Added bigIncrements As Defaults

There is one change in Laravel 5.8 that is not mentioned in the official Upgrade Guide but caused me problems - I couldn't create a foreign key migration, and spent half-hour until found out the reasons. So I want to share, maybe you will encounter the same thing.

Laravel SaaS: Free Trial Implementation

Laravel is a good framework to create "software-as-a-service" solutions - with monthly payments by users. Usually, it should incorporate some kind of Free Trial mechanism. In this article, will show you my version of how to do it in Laravel 5.8.

How to Create ZIP Archive with Files And Download it in Laravel

If you need your users to be able to download multiple files at once, it's better to create one archive and let them download it. Here's how to do it in Laravel.

Top 5 All-Time Must-Watch Videos from Laracon

I have been to three Laracon EU conferences in Amsterdam (will likely be there in 2019, too, see you there?), and it's a great vibe. And usually one or two talks per year just strike it with really high quality and relevant topics. I decided to search official playlists and bring you my favorite top 5 videos every Laravel developer must watch.

6 Tips About Data Seeding in Laravel

Laravel migration mechanism has a great function of seeding data. In this article, I will show random tips from my own experience, how to use seeding in real-life cases.

How Much I Earn From This LaravelDaily Blog [ALL NUMBERS]

After getting many questions like "How do you find time to blog daily" or "Why do you do that, it's not profitable", I decided to shoot a video, openly sharing my numbers for revenue, popularity, visitors etc. So, let's talk business.

Simple Laravel Multi-Tenancy with Single Trait

Multi-tenancy is pretty common in web-projects - when you want to give records access only for users who created those records. In other words, everyone manages their own data and don't see anyone else's data. This article will show you how to implement it in the most simple way, in single database.

From Google+ API to Google Sign In with Laravel Socialite

In December of 2018, I've received an email from Google, saying that they are shutting down Google+ API on March 7, 2019, and that I have 3 projects that use it for Login with Google. They suggested to move from "Google+ Sign In" to "Google Sign In". Subtle difference, but new API. Luckily, it is all well covered by Laravel Socialite, and this article will show you how to use it.

Eloquent Trick: Group By Raw with Boolean Condition

I know the title sounds unclear, so let me start with an example. What would be your Eloquent query if you have birth_date field in DB an want to show how many of your users are adult 18+ years, and how many are still children? Let's take a look.

Laravel Validation: Specify Attribute Names for Error Messages

Laravel validation system is great, including auto-populating error messages. But what if you want to override the names of the :attribute parameter values? Here's a simple example.





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