5 Less-Known Features of Spatie Media Library

Spatie Laravel MediaLibrary is one of the most popular Laravel packages, with almost million downloads. But have you read all of its documentation, with all the features? Let's dive in.

Laravel Route Filtering with Regular Expressions

Quick tip of the day. With routing you can specify Route::get('projects/{project_id}', 'ProjectController@show'); but what if you want project_id to be strictly a number?

Laravel Wink Package: WordPress Mini-Alternative for Laravel?

A quick review of Laravel Wink by Mohamed Said. It provides a really pleasant writing experience, but is it good for actual fully-featured blog project? Let's take a look.

Laravel API Errors and Exceptions: How to Return Responses

API-based projects are more and more popular, and they are pretty easy to create in Laravel. But one topic is less talked about - it's error handling for various exceptions. API consumers often complain that they get "Server error" but no valuable messages. So, how to handle API errors gracefully? How to return them in "readable" form?

Route Fallback: If No Other Route is Matched

Laravel 5.5.5 introduced a new feature in routing, called Route::fallback(). Basically, if no route is matched, then fallback function is a way...

EloquentFilter Package Review: Process GET Query Without IF Statements

Quick review of a package called EloquentFilter - it will help you move complicated search logic from controller to separate filter classes, to keep your code cleaner.

Laravel Form with jQuery UI Tabs: Validation Error Redirect to Active Tab

If you have a form separated into a few tabs with jQuery UI Tabs, then default Laravel validation will redirect you back to the first tab, even if the error was on the third tab. How to override it and set the correct tab proactively?

Nested Resource Controllers and Routes: Laravel CRUD Example

When building CRUD-like projects, sometimes you want some items be accessible only with their parent, for example in countries-cities relationships, you don't want to list all the cities in the world, but only by country, like /countries/123/cities, where 123 is country_id. This article will show you how to do it, using Route::resource() and usual CRUD controllers.
extending laravel blade

Create Your Own Blade Directive: Example of br2nl in Laravel

Recently I had a task of textarea fields to save data with <brĀ /> for new lines in database but not show them...

How to Quickly Create Laravel User with Tinker

A new 2-minute video showing probably the quickest way to create a new user in Laravel users table.





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