Top 20 Laravel People to Follow Online

Last update: August 2017

While reading Twitter feed everyday, I see more and more new people in Laravel community. At the same time there are the most active ones who deserve following and thanking for their input to the community. So I decided to list them all with links to their work – you need to know our heroes, and also interesting to dive into their past and what they had done throughout their careers.

Notice: photos, if present, are from Twitter accounts. Hope I don’t break any copyright here – just thought you need to know their faces ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Taylor Otwell

Need an introduction? Ok ok, creator of Laravel.

Twitter: @taylorotwell
Random interesting link: AMA with Taylor Otwell

2. Jeffrey Way

Creator of Laracasts – training video website admired in Laravel community and beyond.

Twitter: @jeffrey_way
Podcast: The Laracasts Snippet
Random interesting link: AMA with Jeffrey Way

3. Matt Stauffer

Really active Laravel blogger and co-host of Laravel Podcast

Twitter: @stauffermatt
Personal website & blog:
Another podcast: The Five-Minute Geek Show
Book (in progress): Laravel: Up & Running

4. Eric L. Barnes

Creator of Laravel News blog, which recently became an official Laravel blog.

Twitter: @ericlbarnes
Recently launched new blog:
Personal blog:
Laravel News Podcast:

5. Freek Van der Herten

Really active blogger at

Twitter: @freekmurze
Laravel packages of his company Spatie:

6. Dayle Rees

Author of books on Laravel – such as “Code Happy”, “Code Bright” and “Code Smart”

Twitter: @daylerees
Personal website:
Another awesome book: PHP Pandas

7. Adam Wathan

Developer, blogger, book author, host of the Full Stack Radio podcast.

Twitter: @adamwathan
Personal blog:
Recently launched book: Refactoring to Collections

8. Mahmoud Zalt

Senior Web Developer, Laravel Expert, Docker Enthusiast and Open Source Advocate. Creator of LaraDock.

Twitter: @Mahmoud_Zalt
Personal blog:

9. Marcel Pociot

Laravel Evangelist, creator of famous Chrome extension Laravel Testtools.

Twitter: @marcelpociot
Personal blog:

10. Prosper Otemuyiwa

Really active on Twitter (73k tweets, anyone?), creator of Laravel Hackathon Starter Package. I personally admire what Prosper does for Laravel community in Nigeria.

Twitter: @unicodeveloper
Random interesting article: How An Andela Developer Beat Out Facebook On GitHubโ€™s Top Trending List

11. Shawn McCool

One of the organisers of Laracon.EU, host of Dev Discussions podcast

Twitter: @ShawnMcCool
Personal blog:

12. Dries Vints

Maintainer of community, organizer of PHP Antwerp meetup

Twitter: @driesvints
Personal website & blog:

13. Graham Campbell

Serious contributor to Laravel Core and other Laravel packages, creator of StyleCI.

Twitter: @GrahamJCampbell
Personal website:

14. Barry van den Heuvel

Creator of many awesome Laravel packages – among them famous Laravel IDE Helper and Laravel Debugbar.

Twitter: @barryvdh

15. Chris Fidao

Creator of Servers for Hackers, author of a book Implementing Laravel. Really active on Twitter (like REALLY active).

Twitter: @fideloper
Personal blog:

16. Mohamed Said

Official employee no.1 at Laravel, recently started blogging more about internals of the framework.

Twitter: @themsaid
Personal blog:

17. Paul Redmond

Recently started contributing actively on Laravel News, also author of books Lumen programming guide and Docker for PHP Developers.

Twitter: @paulredmond

18. Jason McCreary

Creator of Laravel version upgrade service Laravel Shift, also author of a course Getting Git.

Twitter: @gonedark
Personal blog:

19. Michael Dyrynda

Active blogger, co-host of Laravel News Podcast and co-organizer of PHP Adelaide. Recently did a great job live-tweeting Laracon US 2017.

Twitter: @michaeldyrynda
Personal blog:

20. Nuno Maduro

Creator of Laravel Zero and active Laravel community member on Twitter.

Twitter: @enunomaduro

Bonus: Povilas Korop

As a kind of a bonus, decided to nominate myself here. I’m a PHP web-developer with 15 years of experience, now transitioning from freelance to a small team owner position, while actively contributing to Laravel community on this blog and elsewhere.

Personal Twitter: @PovilasKorop
My new publication on Medium: Successful IT Projects

That’s it, the end of list. Thank you to everyone who is active in Laravel community, only people make it so awesome.

Anyone I’ve missed? Any important link I didn’t mention? Please add info to the comments.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me in your…. oh wait ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha, just a jk, thanks for the post bro, found a lot of people here that I followed on twitter and bookmarked a lot of good sources of information ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice list bro but with time I dropped Matt Stauffer but I guess it is my personal problem… also I waged his contribution he is like talk talk talk nothing original coming his way. Real producers are of course Taylor, Jeffry, Adam, Freek, Barry at least those are people from whom I really learned something…

  3. Very good list, there is another who i personally like alot. Brent Roose, he works at Spatie and is the author Laravel beyond Crud and Front Line PHP among others. Really like how he approaches development.


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