Practical Livewire 3: Order Management System Step-by-Step

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About this course

In this text-based course, we will create a real project to manage orders/products/categories with Laravel and add a lot of dynamic features with Laravel Livewire.

Step by step, we will create three menu items: Categories, Products, and then Orders. Here are a few screenshots from the application:

Practical Livewire 01

Practical Livewire 02

Practical Livewire 03

We will implement Livewire elements such as:

  • Password show/hide and measure strength (in live mode, obviously)
  • Modal forms for creating/editing records
  • Table sort, filter, search, export, reorder, inline edit

Additionally, we will use external JS-powered tools like Select2, CKEditor, SweetAlert, Chart.js

The final code will be available as a repository on GitHub.

Comment from one of the student:

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