Vue Inertia + Laravel 11: From Scratch

What's Inside The Course

Hello, guys. Welcome to this introductory course about Inertia.js for Vue.js and Laravel. We will create a typical CRUD demo project using Inertia.

Here's the plan of what we will do:

  • We will introduce Inertia and a single-page Application (SPA), so you will understand why you need It.

  • We build the table of data.

  • We will add links with Single Page Application (SPA) to show how it all works between the pages with Inertia links.

  • Separate layouts, for guest and authenticated users.

  • Build forms and see how they work by building a full CRUD.

  • We will work on authentication and authorization.

After finishing this course, you will be prepared to create simple applications with Inertia, and from there, the sky is your limit.

The repository will be available on GitHub to check out the code.

I will base everything in this course on Vue.js and Laravel, so I expect you to have at least fundamental knowledge about how those work. If you're not familiar with them enough, check out my other courses:

This is a short intro. Now, let's dive into the actual course.


Hi, I am so impressed with your new website, I am so intrigued to khow which tech stack did you use because am kinda stack on the using inertial, livewire.


I've explained it in my Youtube video:


Have you ever used Svelte? Any plans to use it in lessons? I have chosen to use that for my javascript library with a Laravel-Vite-Inertia stack and Bulma for CSS. Tough to find information on using Svelte/Bulma with the first three.


It's one of the possible topics for the course in 2023. But the list of potential topics is so long that it's hard to promise 100%, everyone wants different topics for me to cover.