Vue.js 3 + Laravel 11 + Vite: SPA CRUD

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About this course

This is a text-based version of a previous video course on the same subject, updated to Laravel 10 with Vite.

Vue.js is by far the most popular JavaScript framework in the Laravel community, and the newest Vue.js 3 version with the Composition API is a new way to create SPAs - Single Page Applications.

In this course, I will create such an application in almost live-coding mode, with a Github repository available for reference.

Vue Laravel

We will touch on these topics:

  • Structuring Vue.js code in the Laravel project
  • Vue.js Options API vs Composition API
  • Laravel API Creation
  • Full CRUD to manage records: forms, validation, etc.
  • Vue.js Routing
  • Laravel & Vue Users/Roles/Permissions
  • ... and more


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