Vue.js 3 + Laravel 11 + Vite: SPA CRUD

Now that we have a select input for the category, let's make it work as a filter. After selecting a category, the list should show only the posts that only belong to that category.

selected category filter

Vue: Watch the Selected Category

To get all the posts that belong to a category, we need to watch the selectedCategory variable. First, we need to import watch from the Vue.


// ...
<script setup>
import { onMounted, ref } from "vue";
import { onMounted, ref, watch } from "vue";
import { TailwindPagination } from 'laravel-vue-pagination';
import usePosts from "@/composables/posts";
import useCategories from "@/composables/categories";
// ...

Now using this watch() function, we can watch the selectedCategory variable for the changes with two values: current and previous.

Inside watch we can call the...

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