10 Fresh Laravel Packages - September 2016

Let's get back to an old tradition started back in Spring - I started reviewing new and interesting Laravel packages at my local meetup in Vilnius. Back to business - here's the September 2016 version. This time I'm looking at 10 relatively new packages - created in Summer 2016, but mostly not because of those exact packages, but to raise the discussion about those problems that the packages are trying to solve. But hopefully, those slides will get you thinking and find your own solution to the problems - if you have some alternatives to share, let me know in the comments! Links to the packages:
  1. Orderable
  2. Laravel Schema
  3. Pretty Routes
  4. Schedule Overview
  5. Roles/permissions for Laravel 5.3
  6. https://github.com/Snowfire/Beautymail (a little older package)
  7. CreatedBy
  8. Blade Function
  9. .env Sync
  10. Promocodes Generator
  11. Bonus: updated QuickAdmin package and online generator

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