This Week: 40% Discount for Yearly and Lifetime Plans!

To celebrate the launch of the new Laravel 11, I have a special 2-in-1 offer for Laravel Daily premium membership this week. This article will give more details and answer common questions.

So, until Sunday, March 24, 2024, coupon code LARAVEL11 will give you a 40% discount for these plans:

  1. Lifetime membership (so, $239 instead of $399)
  2. Yearly plan for the first year (so, $77 instead of $129)

If you've already registered, go to My Membership page to use this coupon. Or, if you haven't registered yet, start on this registration page.

Frequently asked questions

What if I already have a yearly plan? Can I upgrade to lifetime?

Sure! Just Paddle won't automatically refund you the existing leftover plan, so you need to email me, and I will make a partial refund manually.

Why is there no discount for the monthly plan?

Because my goal is to attract people to go on a long journey with me into the Laravel world. Monthly plan is a "necessary evil" for some customers, but I don't want to promote it too much.

It's still too expensive for me!

I understand. If such membership costs too much for you, I suggest you focus on free content:


Hi Povilas Korop,

I would like to purchase a lifetime membership with the provided coupon code: LARAVEL11

But when I add the discount to the order summary page, Paddle gives me the following error:

You need to enter a valid discount code.

Link to the screenshot:

Would you be so kind as to take a look at the issue?

Many thanks, Attila


I am getting the same error when trying to purchase the yearly subscription.


The issue should be fixed now, sorry about that!

Surtech - Developers

Same error, its 24/03/ 20.55 PM


LARAVEL11 discount code is not valid, please fix.


The issue should be fixed now, sorry about that!


Get an error when clicking any of the subscribe buttons

Something went wrong Please try again later. If the issue persists, you can contact our support team using the button below. error code: E-403 Contact support


Hi, it seems like this is caused by Paddle not supporting your country.


As a logged in User (In the United States) I dont have the option to enter a coupon code for Lifetime membership for the 40% discount. Hope you can help.


Currently enrolled members (with an active plan) are unable to use the discount code due to Paddle limitation.

But if you are still having issues - please email Povilas and he will help you!


sir Laravel11 discount not work


when i use LARAVEL11 discount not work on lifetime


This discount was for a short period of time. Currently, we don't have an active discount.

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