Demo Project: Laravel Personal Blog

This is a demo Laravel project aimed at junior developers to practice their skills. This is a task for the Beginner Level of the Laravel Roadmap, with the goal to implement as many of its topics as possible. This article contains both the task and its possible solution, with the repository link at the end.

First, I provide the task description, as it would appear on any job board like Upwork, from the client. I hope that you would take this description and try to create the project yourself, but then, later, you may take a look at our prepared repository, with comments, in the second half of this article.

The Task: Simple Personal Blog

You need to create a personal blog with just three pages:

  • Homepage: List of articles
  • Article page
  • Some static text page like "About me"

Also, there should be a Login mechanism (but no Register) for the author to write articles:

  • Manage (meaning, create/update/delete) categories
  • Manage tags
  • Manage articles
  • For Auth Starter Kit, use Laravel Breeze (Tailwind) or Laravel UI (Bootstrap) - that starter kit will have some design, which is enough: the design is irrelevant for accomplishing the task

DB Structure

  • Article has title (required), full text (required) and image to upload (optional)
  • Article may have only one category, but may have multiple tags

Features to implement

Here's the list of Roadmap features you need to try to implement in your code:

Routing and Controllers: Basics

  • Callback Functions and Route::view()
  • Routing to a Single Controller Method
  • Route Parameters
  • Route Naming
  • Route Groups

Blade Basics

  • Displaying Variables in Blade
  • Blade If-Else and Loop Structures
  • Blade Loops
  • Layout: @include, @extends, @section, @yield
  • Blade Components

Auth Basics

  • Default Auth Model and Access its Fields from Anywhere
  • Check Auth in Controller / Blade
  • Auth Middleware

Database Basics

  • Database Migrations
  • Basic Eloquent Model and MVC: Controller -> Model -> View
  • Eloquent Relationships: belongsTo / hasMany / belongsToMany
  • Eager Loading and N+1 Query Problem

Full Simple CRUD

  • Route Resource and Resourceful Controllers
  • Forms, Validation and Form Requests
  • File Uploads and Storage Folder Basics
  • Table Pagination

Example Solutions

If you need help, or you want to compare your version with our simple version, here are two public repositories with the solution:

Notice: please look at those repositories only AFTER you've accomplished the task yourself, or if you're confident about your Laravel beginner skills and you think you don't need to practice this task.

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