TOP 15 LaravelDaily Articles+Videos in 2017

Another year gone by, so it's time to to some recap - what articles were the best in 2017? Gathered this statistics from three sources where we publish content: this blog, QuickAdminPanel blog and our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

TOP 5 from LaravelDaily Blog

  1. How To Upload Multiple Files in Laravel 5.4
  2. Quick Start with Laravel 5.5 + Vue.js: Simple CRUD Project
  3. Can Laravel Be Used for Big Enterprise Apps? [Summary of Laravel Podcast]
  4. How to convert WordPress theme to Laravel Blade
  5. Automated Testing: 6 Open-Source Laravel Projects

TOP 5 from QuickAdminPanel Blog

  1. FREE Mini-Course: How To Create Admin Panel in Laravel 5.5
  2. Eloquent Relationships: The Ultimate Guide
  3. File Upload in Laravel: The Ultimate Guide
  4. Stripe Payments in Laravel: The Ultimate Guide
  5. PayPal payments in Laravel: The Ultimate Guide

TOP 5 Videos from our YouTube channel

  1. 7 Laravel-related Things You Need to Learn to Get Clients
  2. Live-coding: Calendar project with Laravel + QuickAdminPanel
  3. Creating Laravel 5.4 LMS. Playlist with 15 videos.
  4. Yes, you can use Laravel on shared-hosting. But WHY?
  5. How we use Trello for Client Projects
That's it from the past year, looking back - quite a lot of content written and shot on video, but in 2018 we have even bigger plans with LaravelDaily, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to get the articles first!

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