Livewire 3 From Scratch: Practical Course

  • 30 lessons
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About this course

Web pages these days require dynamic elements, preferably without page refresh. For many years, developers have used JavaScript for this.

But if you are a back-end Laravel developer without front-end skills, now you can achieve the same things without writing JavaScript.

Meet Laravel Livewire.

  • Submitting the form and staying on the same page
  • Refreshing form fields on some dropdown change
  • Updating the Cart total numbers after a click of a button
  • Live validation before the form is submitted
  • CRUD Table with filters/ordering
  • etc.

These are just a few examples of potential Livewire usages.

The best part is that you will write code for Livewire Components, which are very similar to typical Laravel Controllers. So you don't have to re-learn any fundamentals. You stay in your back-end comfort zone.

With the new version 3, it became even better in handling some functionality, and you will learn about it in this course.

Testimonial From Email

So, let's go to the first lesson and create the first Livewire component!